About us

We are a small, but experienced team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, product designers, programmers, but first of all: makers.

We got our first experiences in 3D printing 5 years ago, when we bought our first FDM machine. We tried to utilize the technology to a lot of tasks, but we faced the never-ending issues of reliability and inaccuracy.

It was at this point when we needed a better solution: We met the concept of stereolithography. These kind of printers and their operating costs were prohibitively expensive for our budget, so we had to find an another way.

After countless hours of browsing and research, we decided to build our first machines based on SLA technology, back in 2013. Since then we gained a lot of experience in this field, and we built numerous prototypes through the years.

In 2015 we felt confident enough to set our goal to develop a market-ready, reliable, precise, but still affordable machine.

The journey of PLUTO has begun.

And here we are today, we have learned a lot and we are proud what we have achieved in the past years.

PLUTO is ready and is only waiting for mass production.