General use


The materials for general usage were designed keeping costs in mind, so if you would like to experiment with a lot of prints they are the perfect choice for you. The lower price doesn't mean that you will print with a far inferior material, the finished objects are still much more durable than anything you could print with and FDM machine from ABS or PLA.

Your finished parts will have a hardness around 30 Shore D, so if you need something less rigid and more flexible it will be the best choice for you.

Another benefit besides the cost is that these materials are very sensitive, so the layer curing times are pretty low, this way you get your printed parts in less time.

You can order these materials in black, red, or in unpigmented form.



If your printed parts have to be tougher than the general use resins, we suggest you to try the reinforced blend. The finished objects will retain their properties in a much broader temperature range (tested from -30°C to +210°C).

The hardness will also be higher than you would get from a general use material, the fully cured part will be around 70 Shore D hardness.

The curing time of them is very similar to the general use resins.

Available colors: black, red, unpigmented.

Model making grade


This material is our personal favorite. This resin is the most friendly and beautiful of all of the materials we can supply. The color is a gorgeous natural bright matte white which really stays white, even after post curing.

This blend has a very low shrinkage rate and the hardness of the finished object will be around 80 Shore D.

You can easily add pigments to it to achieve the desired look of your model.



This type of material is designed to be used in the standard investment casting process. You can print the final shape of the object you would like to cast from bronze, copper, tin or iron.

The resin will completely burn out in the casting oven without any residue, leaving behind the perfectly shaped cavity.

The hardness of the cured castable resin is around 70 Shore D.

Available color: red.

Third party

As you have probably seen PLUTO is designed to be as open as possible. We don't think anybody who buys a machine should be locked into the manufacturer's product range of printing supplies.

The working principle of PLUTO (top-down printing, no PDMS coated vat) means that it should be compatible with pretty much every material on the market.

If you would like to experiment with different blends, from different suppliers then you can fine-tune the printing settings such as movement speed and exposure time directly from 3Deviser, enabling you to cook up your own recipe for the materials of your choice.